9.08 Disability Insurance

Harvard Medical School (HMS) was among the first medical schools in the country to introduce disability insurance. All current medical and dental students as well as all new incoming students receive long-term disability insurance. Dental students should contact the Director of Student Affairs at the Dental School for specific information about their policy. This coverage will provide benefits should a disability develop in a student while enrolled at Harvard Medical School or Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) as well as a guarantee that, upon graduation, students will be able to obtain group coverage, without having to prove medical insurability, providing protection for future income. The disability insurance fee is a mandatory, non-waivable fee assessed on an annual basis to all students from the time they matriculate at HMS or HSDM until they graduate from HMS/HSDM, including the time that students may spend in pursuit of additional degrees or other enrichment activities and periods of enrollment.

Last updated 7/20/16