10.11 Security and Police

The primary responsibility of Harvard University Police is to respond to criminal emergencies as well as suspicious activity 24 hours a day.

Photo ID Badges

Photo ID badges are necessary to gain entrance into the Harvard Longwood Campus buildings. Photo ID pictures are taken daily from 10AM - 2PM in the ID Office located in the Kresge Building, Harvard School of Public Health, Room 119. Written authorization is required from the Registrar before an ID will be issued to students. Photo ID badges, which are to be displayed visibly at all times while students, faculty, and staff are on Harvard property, entitle you to free shuttle bus rides to and from Cambridge, as well as the free taxi escort service. Call 617-432-1379 if you have any questions.

Walking Escort Service

Call 617-432-1379 for an escort if you have to walk to your car, an MBTA stop or between buildings. Because a potential delay of 15 minutes in responding may occur, please call ahead. This service is for your safety and provided for everyone on Campus 24 hours a day.

Taxi Escort Service

Taxi Escort Service for some predetermined situations is available. For information about this service, call 617-432-1379 or check at the front desk of Vanderbilt Hall. You will need to present your valid Harvard ID card to use this service.

24-Hour Closed-Circuit TV-Monitored Entrances

Security coverage is active at all building access points including: Gordon Hall, Goldenson/Armenise, Building C/TMEC link, Countway, TMEC Longwood entrance, HSPH, Vanderbilt Hall and the Alpert Research Facility Longwood entrance. Although security officer coverage is limited to Monday through Friday, 8AM - 4PM, constant camera surveillance continues at all hours at the access points. To gain entrance to any HMS building between 4PM and 8AM, you must slide your Harvard photo ID (or affiliated ID) through or tap the card reader. Visitors must have verification or a visitor pass.

Parking Lot Surveillance/Monitoring Emergency Telephone Locations

The parking areas are routinely under surveillance by the Harvard Police after hours, 7AM - 5PM, and monitored during the business hours (7AM - 5PM) of the Medical School. Illegally parked cars will be towed Monday through Friday, 7AM - 5PM. All parking areas have nearby emergency telephones.

Secured Bicycle Cages/Racks

Bicycle racks are located in the front of the Tosteson Medical Education Center (TMEC), on both sides of Gordon Hall, in the courtyard between the TMEC and Building C, and on the walkway at the rear of the Countway Library. A secure bicycle cage is located at the front of Countway Library. This cage has closed-circuit TV cameras and is controlled by the card access system. You may gain access to the bike cage by going to the Parking Office at 180 Longwood Ave., Monday through Friday, 7AM - 5PM, to have your Harvard ID programmed or by registering your bicycle(s) online. Although the cage and racks are patrolled daily by the Harvard Police, all bicycles should be locked as well with a high-quality bicycle lock.

Monthly Reported Crimes

This bulletin is a listing of all crimes reported to the Harvard Police. The purpose of the report is to create awareness among faculty, staff, and students, informing them of criminal activity. Several hints are included in the reported crimes bulletin, such as: 1) lock up valuables in your desk or locker; 2) do not walk alone after dark (call 617-432-1379, walking escort); and 3) do not leave your office or dorm room untended or open even for a minute.



Although Security will respond to lock-outs, such requests are not considered a top priority. If you are locked out, call 617-432-1379. You must show your photo ID to the Security Officer who lets you in.

Also see Section 7.23: Crime Awareness and Campus Security for Members of the Harvard Community.

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