9.06 Reproductive Health

Harvard Medical School is committed to providing as safe an environment as possible for all students. Students with specific concerns about reproductive health may wish to contact the Safety Officer in the hospital to which they are currently assigned.

Additionally, if a student will be working with or around radioactive materials, Harvard’s Radiation Protection Office (46 Blackstone St., Cambridge, 617-496-3797 or 24-hour emergency number, 617-495-5560, or radiation_protection@harvard.edu) can provide confidential consultation and can enroll the student in the declared pregnant program.

Medical students involved in clinical rotations who wish to pump breast milk should contact the lactation consultant at the hospital to which they are assigned. Following are hospital-based consultants:

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: 617-667-5765 or 617-667-4695
  • Brigham & Women’s Hospital: 617-732-6017 or 1-866-724-4327
  • Children’s Hospital Boston: 617-355-0005
  • Massachusetts General Hospital: 617-726-6976
  • Cambridge Hospital: 617-665-1374 (Labor and Delivery)

The Harvard Londwood Campus has several private and comfortable Lactation Rooms in the Longwood area. 


  • The rooms are maintained by the Harvard Longwood Campus Offices of Human Resources
  • All rooms are equipped with Medela Symphony pumps. You would need to bring your own accessories when using Harvard’s Lactation Rooms.
  • When using a Lactation Room you may lock the door from the inside for privacy. Note the time you will be finished on the white board on the door.
  • Log your time on the log sheets inside each Lactation Room.


  • Accessory kits for Medela Symphony pumps can be purchased at a discounted rate at Harvard University Health Services Pharmacy at 75 Mount Auburn Street. Please call first to see if they are in stock prior to making the trip.
  • Nursing and working: guidelines and best practices
  • In case anyone forgets or breaks an accessory kit piece needed for the pump:
    • BWH has a pump accessories vending machine. Take the J elevator to the 6th floor (NICU). The vending machine takes cash or CC.
    • Boston Children’s Hospital has a pump accessories vending machine. Take the Hunnewell or Fegan elevator to the 1st floor. Turn left upon exiting the elevator and then take another left. The vending machine takes cash or CC.
  • Contact Susanna Katsman, Harvard Longwood Campus Work/Life Program Manager, with further questions: worklife.hlc@harvard.edu

Please visit the Harvard Longwood Campus Lactation Rooms site for more detailed information.

Updated 2/10/20