4.15 Policy Regarding Drugs and Alcohol

The following policy statement on drugs and alcohol is designed to address the University’s concerns about substance abuse and to ensure that the Harvard community complies with the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (the “Drug-Free Workplace Act”) and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (the “Drug-Free Schools Act”; collectively, the “Acts”).

Violations of laws relating to controlled substances or alcohol are prohibited in or on Harvard premises, in vehicles provided by Harvard, at any site or location at which University duties are being performed by Harvard students, or as a part of any of Harvard’s activities. Common examples of controlled substances, as defined by law, are cocaine, marijuana and heroin. To acquaint members of the Harvard community with the applicable laws, the University’s Office of the General Counsel has prepared a description of local, State and Federal laws concerning drugs and alcohol, which follows.

The University will take disciplinary action against violators, consistent with Federal, State and local laws. Such action may include requiring satisfactory participation in a substance abuse treatment, counseling, or education program as a condition of reinstatement or continued enrollment at Harvard; suspension; expulsion; and referral for prosecution.

Substance abuse is potentially harmful to health. Because of the considerable health risks involved in drug and alcohol use, resources are available to assist the Harvard community in understanding and dealing with drug and alcohol abuse problems. Harvard students can learn about the dangers of substance abuse and get information about treatment and counseling options available to the Harvard community through the Harvard University Health Services. For more information on Harvard’s resources, you may consult the HUHS website Health Information and Resources, or contact the Office of Student Affairs. These programs and offices are part of Harvard’s ongoing efforts to maintain a drug-free environment. Additionally, any member of the University community may use the Harvard University Health Services on an emergency basis at any time, day and night (Section 9.02).

Any Harvard medical student who has a concern about drug or alcohol use may also contact the Physician Health Services (PHS) at the Massachusetts Medical Society (see Section 9.10 for more information).

Last updated 7/15/16