6.03 Students Withdrawing Mid-Term

Registered students who withdraw formally or are withdrawn, or who take a Leave of Absence from the Medical School after the dates listed below are ordinarily charged tuition according to the following Tuition and Fee Adjustment Calendar:

Fall (on or before):

September 15: one-fourth tuition for the term
October 15: one-half
November 15: three-fourths
after November 15: full tuition

Spring (on or before):

February 15: one-fourth tuition for the term
March 15: one-half
April 15: three-fourths
after April 15: full tuition


An administrative committee will be convened to answer written appeals to this policy.

Refund Policy

If a student who is receiving any form of financial aid withdraws and is entitled to a refund, a portion of that refund may be returned. If the student’s award package included any federal funds other than Federal Work-Study and the withdrawal occurs in the first 60% of the semester, federal regulations require that a portion of the students federal aid be returned to the aid programs. 


Last updated 8/6/18