5.02 MD-MPH Program (Harvard Chan School of Public Health)

Harvard Chan School of Public Health (HSPH) offers Harvard medical students the opportunity to complete a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree between the third and fourth years of the MD program. Students currently enrolled in the MD program who have a career interest in public health and/or preventive medicine are eligible to apply for admission to the MPH program. MD-MPH students receive the MPH degree upon successful completion of both programs and conferral of the doctoral degree.

Harvard medical students who are interested in the combined MD-MPH must apply for admission to enroll in the MPH at HSPH following HMS Year III, after completion of the Principal Clinical Experience (PCE) and prior to the final or graduation year at HMS. Students must inform their Academic Society and the HMS Registrar’s Office of their intention to pursue a joint degree by May 31 for the fall term and by October 31 for the spring term.

MD students must complete the entire Principal Clinical Experience (PCE) before enrolling in any master’s degree program, including the MPH or MSc programs at HSPH. The master’s degree must be completed prior to the final graduating year at HMS.

Last updated 6/28/17