5.03 MD-MPP Program (John F. Kennedy School of Government)


Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government offers a combined degree program in Public Policy with Harvard Medical School. The combined program is particularly appropriate for those who wish to contribute to the field of medicine by helping to set policy or administer programs involving health care issues of public concern. Graduates of the combined program earn a Master’s in Public Policy (MPP) degree and are prepared to assume positions of leadership in federal, state and local governments, international organizations, nonprofit institutions, large service delivery organizations or research centers.

The combined program requires five years of study. One of these years is spent in full-time residence at the Kennedy School. During that year, which follows completion of the Principal Clinical Experience (PCE) and the third year of medical school, combined degree candidates follow a curriculum of eight required courses and two electives for the MPP degree. The required courses include economic and data analysis, political management, institutional analysis, leadership and public management. The other four years are spent in residence at the Medical School, but at least two additional Kennedy School courses must be taken as electives during that period. One of these courses is a policy exercise, which is to be a major work analyzing an applied public policy issue. The topic of this paper is selected by the student in consultation with a faculty advisor. This policy analysis should fulfill the scholarly project requirement for HMS students beginning with the Class of 2015. Students should consult with the Research Fellow in their Academic Society.

The Kennedy School’s Malcolm Weiner Center for Social Policy demonstrates the School’s long-term commitment to exploring health policy concerns and creating special opportunities for medical students with an interest in studying health policy problems. The Center is part of a University-wide division of Health Policy Research and Education.

Students may request a Kennedy School catalog, application, or other information or arrange a visit by contacting the Admissions OfficeStudents must inform their Academic Society and the HMS Registrar’s Office of their intention to pursue a joint degree by May 31 for the fall term and by October 31 for the spring term.

MD students must complete the Principal Clinical Experience (PCE) and the third year of the MD program before enrolling in any Master’s degree program, including the MPP at the Kennedy School of Government. In addition, the master’s program must be completed prior to or in conjunction with the final year of the MD program.

Last updated 7/18/16