2.05 Cross Registration

Beginning fall semester 2012, Harvard University launched a university-wide cross registration system to facilitate the process for students across all schools. The application is available at https://courses.harvard.edu/crossregistration.html.

Cross Registration into Harvard Medical School

A limited number of elective courses at Harvard Medical School are open to cross registration for students enrolled at other Harvard University schools and MIT. Candidates for the MD and MMSc degrees have first priority in registering for courses meeting core requirements; therefore, cross registration requests are accommodated on a space-available basis. Courses involving patient contact and preclerkship core courses are not open to cross registration.

Students taking HMS courses are subject to all HMS rules and policies. Ordinarily, the only grading option for students who cross register into HMS courses is Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. If a student wants an ordinal grade and the course is jointly offered through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), they should register for the class through GSAS.

Students interested in cross registering should visit https://courses.harvard.edu/crossregistration.html for instructions, calendars, course offerings and petitions. Email contact for HMS Cross Registration is crossreg@hms.harvard.edu.

Cross Registration Out of Harvard Medical School

Harvard medical students wishing to cross register into another school at Harvard University or MIT must complete the online cross registration process available at https://courses.harvard.edu/crossregistration.html. Please review the site for course offerings, instructions, calendars and petition forms.

Please Note: Courses taken through cross registration do not automatically count toward the MD degree requirements. If the course is relevant to medical education, the student may request academic credit from the HMS Registrar prior to enrolling in the course.

Last Updated 8/3/18