6.02 Tuition Requirements for MD Degree Candidates

Harvard Medical School AY17 tuition rates cover courses/clerkships taken from July 1 through June 30 (Years 2-4) and August 2 through July 29 (Year 1). Tuition is billed by semester. Eight semesters of full tuition are required for the MD degree.

  • Students who opt to enroll in an additional year (see Section 2.08) in the MD program are assessed HMS reduced tuition for each semester of enrollment beyond the eighth. Students who are required by the Promotion and Review Board to enroll beyond their eighth semester to fulfill degree requirements may be assessed additional tuition over and above the reduced tuition rate for additional years of enrollment.
  • November or March degree candidates who have paid 8 semesters of full tuition are assessed reduced tuition, disability insurance and health insurance charges for the semester in which they are scheduled to graduate; the Registrar approves any exceptions.
  • Students enrolled in a joint degree program whose time for meeting degree requirements at Harvard Medical School exceeds eight semesters and whose MD tuition requirement has been met are assessed reduced tuition for each semester of enrollment in the Medical School beyond the eighth.
  • Students in the joint HMS/HBS MD-MBA program pay 8 semesters of tuition to HMS and 2 semesters of tuition to HBS, or a total of 5 years of tuition. HMS reimburses HBS for tuition for one semester of the fifth year. Joint MD-MBA students who enroll in HMS beyond the five years of the joint program will be assessed HMS tuition for a 9thsemester (a total of 8 semesters of HMS tuition) and reduced tuition for subsequent periods of enrollment in the MD program.
  • If a medical student takes a leave of absence for personal or medical reasons during the course of a semester, the appropriate amount of tuition will be charged according to the Tuition and Fee Adjustment Calendar (Section 6.03).

Last updated 7/19/16