2.10 Withdrawal

A student who decides to withdraw from HMS must notify the Registrar’s Office in writing of the decision to withdraw. The letter must indicate the reason for withdrawal and the effective date of withdrawal.

The Promotion and Review Board (PRB), under certain circumstances, may require a student to withdraw and also may recommend that a student be dismissed or expelled. In these cases, the PRB will determine the effective date of withdrawal and notify the student in writing (see Section 4 for more information). The Registrar will be copied on this correspondence.

In either case, the Harvard University ID card must be turned over to the Registrar’s Office and will be deactivated on the effective date of withdrawal. The amount of tuition to be charged will be based on the date of withdrawal and the tuition and fee adjustment schedule (See Section 6.03). Students who withdraw are responsible for paying all outstanding charges on their term bill.

Students who live in Vanderbilt Hall and withdraw or are required to withdraw from HMS must vacate Vanderbilt Hall by the effective date of their withdrawal. See the Vanderbilt Hall website for more details. Students who are studying in the US on a visa should immediately contact the International Office to determine impacts of their withdrawal on their status. 

Last Updated 6/7/21