7.03 Transportation Policy

Medical schools recognize that students benefit from educational experiences beyond those available in teaching hospitals. Therefore, HMS utilizes ambulatory clinics, rehabilitation centers, geriatric facilities, community health centers and other sites to provide a spectrum of venues for exposure to a broad range of patients, illnesses and care. In some cases, these clinical sites will be more distant that teaching hospitals and will require students to utilize public or other modes of transportation. As a sign of professionalism, students are responsible for arriving at their assigned clinical sites on time, which may require advance planning. In unusual cases where public transportation schedules make it impossible for students to reach assigned clinical sites on time because of preceding required course activities, the Medical School may provide an alternate transportation option. Questions about transportation to clinical sites should be directed to the administrative manager of the relevant course or clerkship in advance.

Financial Responsibility for Transportation

Students are responsible for costs associated with travel to clinical sites, including public transportation or fares, or gas/parking/tolls should students elect to travel by car. The average cost for travel to clinical sites is included in the standard student budget used to assess financial need. Questions about transportation costs should be directed to the Financial Aid Officer.

Transportation and Commuting Resources

LMA Harvard Medical School Shuttle (M2): MASCO manages the Harvard Medical School shuttle, which runs between the Longwood Medical Area (LMA) and Harvard University in Cambridge. This service is free to all students, faculty, and staff; you must show your Harvard ID card when boarding.
Affiliated Hospital Shuttle Service: There are a number of shuttles provided by the Harvard affiliated hospitals between primary institutions, as well as to and from affiliated satellite locations.
MBTA: The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is the public transit system for Greater Boston. For information visit the MBTA website.
Zipcar and Bluebikes: Harvard Medical School has two Zipcars located at 713 Huntington Ave. (Countway Lot). Harvard students may join for $15 by registering here. Harvard students are eligible for a discounted membership to the Bluebikes bike share program.
Last Updated 11/20/18