9.04 Work-Related HIV Benefit Plan

Harvard medical and dental students may be eligible for a lump-sum payment of $200,000 if, while “acting within the duties of a student,” a student:

  • Has a work-related incident that could result in exposure to HIV;
  • Documents the incident in accordance with the institution’s policies and procedures;
  • Has a negative HIV blood test at an approved laboratory within five days after the documented, work-related exposure;
  • Becomes infected with HIV as a result of the documented, work-related exposure;
  • Tests positive for HIV within six months of the incident; and
  • Files a claim for payment together with all required documentation while still employed (or enrolled) at Harvard University or a Harvard-affiliated medical institution.

Coverage summaries offer a description of the CRICO coverage and are not intended to become part of the policy. For actual coverage terms, please refer to the professional and general liability policies, available through CRICO’s Underwriting Department at 617-450-8219. 

More information about this benefit can be found by calling the number above or emailing underwriting@rmf.harvard.edu.

Last updated 7/20/16