3.07 Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership (ODCP)

The Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership (ODCP) at HMS was created to promote increased recruitment, retention and advancement of diverse faculty, particularly underrepresented minority faculty, and to oversee diversity activities involving HMS faculty, trainees, students and staff. This is achieved through efforts that:

  • support the career development of junior faculty and fellows;
  • train leaders in academic medicine and health policy;
  • provide programs that address crucial pipeline issues; and
  • sponsor awards and recognitions that reinforce behaviors and practices that are supportive of diversity and faculty development.

In addition, the ODCP’s work includes research and technical assistance leading to national, regional and local strategies to support workforce diversity and inclusion in the biomedical sciences through the Harvard Catalyst/Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center and the ODCP’s Program for Faculty Development and Diversity. The ODCP also acts as a central resource for monitoring diversity efforts and outcomes. ODCP’s work also addresses HMS’s relationship with the community through the provision of programs that link HMS faculty, trainees and students with local, regional and national community-related activities. For the most part, community activities are complementary to the overall diversity agenda.

The Visiting Clerkship Program (VCP), sponsored by the Minority Faculty Development Program within the ODCP, provides support for fourth-year and qualified third-year minority (African American, Native American, and Hispanic American) medical students to participate in the HMS Exchange Clerkship Program. The VCP is designed to:

  • increase medical student awareness of opportunities in academic medicine;
  • increase student consideration of academic training programs for internship and residency; and especially
  • increase the number of minority students applying to HMS-affiliated hospital training programs.

The Visiting Research Internship Program (VRIP) is an eight-week mentored summer research program designed to enrich medical students' interest in research and health-related careers, particularly clinical/translational research careers. In addition to a mentored clinical/translational research experience, VRIP students participate in weekly seminars with Harvard faculty focusing on topics such as research methodology, health disparities, ethics and career paths. Participants also have opportunities to participate in offerings of other HMS programs, such as career development seminars and networking dinners. First- and second-year medical students, particularly underrepresented minority and/or disadvantaged individuals, US citizens, in good standing from accredited U.S. medical schools are eligible to participate.