2.14 Rules Governing Other Educational Experiences

“Away” electives (those taken at another LCME-accredited medical school) cannot fulfill core clerkship requirements. All core clerkships, as well as the required subinternship and 3 advanced clinical electives (12 weeks) must be taken at HMS.

  • Students planning on more than 3 months of away elective time must have approval from their Academic Society Advisory Dean or Advisor.
  • No more than 5 months of electives may be done as away electives.
  • Students may not do an away elective if they have any unresolved unsatisfactory grades in any HMS course.
  • Students are limited to no more than two clinical electives representing the same course in the same medical/surgical discipline, including away rotations. Students who choose to take more than two will not receive additional academic credit (i.e., neurosurgery at HMS, Hopkins and UCSF only count as 2 electives). 
  • Students must have completed the PCE prior to taking away clinical electives.
  • To do a rotation at a non-LCME-accredited institution (i.e., a foreign medical school), a student must contact the Scholars in Medicine Office for more information and must register for academic credit with the HMS Registrar’s Office. 
  • No grade is recorded on the HMS transcript for an away elective; only the designation of "CR" (credit awarded towards the degree) is recorded.
  • Credit is only awarded upon receipt of the final evaluation of the experience as satisfactorily completed.
  • The student is responsible for requesting that the "away" institution submit the final evaluation directly to the HMS Registrar's Office.
Updated 11/26/18